Monday, April 27, 2015

America - A Third World Country

Like many, I immigrated from India to USA. My teen ages and youth years were shaped by Mandal - Masjid Violence in India; a very sorry chapter of Modern India. Riots were  common, death of innocent people due to 'political rage' of few was not un-common; equally destruction of someone else's property to demonstrate political anger was common.

We all know riots is not a way to resolve political differences. Recently India has learnt that such 'riots' are no way to conduct a democratic polity. Ask swashbuckling Indian PM about Godhra - how damaging that can be.

Alas, in America we are acquiring such bad habits. There is simply no justification for riots which occurred when demonstrators for the death of one Freddie Gray turned violent. Yes, what happened to Freddie Gray is wrong. Yes, there is a large portion of White Police Force in many parts of USA who deal with Law and Order through the goggles of Racism. Yes, American Criminal Justice System is broken and is stacked miserably against Blacks and Minorities.

But riots and mayhem in streets are not answers to those problems.

May be no American Politician ignited and provoked such riots. That is good for the American Political Class. But now is the necessary and hard part - come down heavily in condemning such acts, support local police to control riots, hold local administration accountable in mopping up the mess as well as ask tough questions like why was Local Administration not prepared to avoid such riots in the first place knowing how volatile the crowd was likely to become? 

Sorry O'Malley - it is all going to mess your meticulously cultivated image of an efficient administrator. OK, Hillary; it is your turn to condemn this non-sense and step forward to articulate a rational policy response. President Obama, don't just stand; bring down the full force of Federal Government in holding those rioters accountable as well as taking further measures to diffuse the explosive racial situation which is developing in parts of this country. 

Anytime a political system becomes non-responsive to genuine grievances, we start to get irrational responses like riots. It is high time that American Political Class takes the problem of White Police force brutality against Blacks and minorities seriously. Reforms in Criminal Justice System are urgently needed and every American politician, especially those vying for White House, needs to be appraised for what policy prescriptions that person offers in this regard. That is the only credible way America can avoid problems unfortunately endured by suffering billions all across third world countries of this planet. 

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