Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary - the Default Candidate

Fundamentally, American Republic in 21st century faces three core problems:

- The Global Capitalism which is epitomized in USA has probably reached its limits. Thomas Piketty's argument is one credible 'criticism' of this model and nowhere American Political System is likely to address that burning problem. America has only one Elizabeth Warren talking some fundamental truths but she cannot raise Billions to compete in presidential contest made all open by the misguided Citizens United Roberts Court. Increasing inequality is a prominent symptom of the contemporary capitalism.

- Exotic, exclusionary American Exceptionalism has no place in 21st Century World. The world has changed lot after WWII as well as end of Cold World War. There are legitimate countries like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and many others which are willing, capable and qualified to lead Humanity shoulder to shoulder to USA, Russia and colonial powers from Europe.(1) At some point, the day of reckoning is going to come to American Exceptionalism and no politician, Republican or Democratic including Hillary, is preparing Americans for such an ongoing shift in global power structure.

- Today we are a deeply divided and essentially segregated / sorted nation. Forget Barack Obama - we are deeply divided into Blue and Red States. Neither Obama Presidency nor Hillary Presidency nor any other Republican Presidency shows any capability or gumption to take we Americans beyond this schism and undertake some needed reforms(2) to improve quality of American Life.

The obvious question is - is Hillary Clinton Campaign likely to move the needle in this regards? I doubt and her campaign announcement doesn't shed any light on that. Perhaps Clinton Campaign would be thinking that in days to come, Hillary would articulate answers to the above mentioned concerns in addition to the question - why does she want to be the President? Fair enough since after all the election is 18 months away. So then what propels the Clinton campaign? We have Jonathan Chait answering that question:

"The argument for Clinton in 2016 is that she is the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics. There is only one choice for voters who want a president who accepts climate science and rejects voodoo economics, and whose domestic platform would not engineer the largest upward redistribution of resources in American history. Even if the relatively sober Jeb Bush wins the nomination, he will have to accommodate himself to his party's barking-mad consensus. She is non-crazy America’s choice by default. And it is not necessarily an exciting choice, but it is an easy one, and a proposition behind which she will probably command a majority."

This is where we are in the American Politics today - one political party (Republican) is so off hinges that substantial number of American Voters would simply find Hilliary Clinton as the default candidate just by being not a Republican; just by being not a candidate of rich.


(1): No one is ignoring or undermining lack of freedom and democracy in China; but no one can question China's ability to lead globally as that country knows how to remain united, which it has for 3 millennial. China has pulled up essentially Billion people out of poverty in shortest time and is equally preparing to lead the world in some concrete ways.

(2): Reforms like undertaking investments in crumbling physical infrastructure, investments in Internet infrastructure, continued investments in basic science and education, reforms to keep our entitlement and retirement programs on sustainable basis, criminal system reforms, reforms in local governance and many more.

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