Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Justice in America?

A white police officer kills a black male for what looks like a minor traffic offense. The state of South Carolina charges him as the murder. Federal Justice Department and FBI to follow up with their own queries.

Come on Nikki Haley, time to prove your worth here - what are Polices for: to protect weakest in the society and to uphold rule of law for everyone; mighty or ordinary.

What has been happening in recent months in America as far as 'biased enforcement of police rule concerned' is no good. Or may be that it is how things have been all the time and only now when a black president is occupying the White House, folks and Media have started to ask some real uncomfortable questions.

Somehow I have a feeling that this episode is not going to be easy for America to digest. Forget all the bantering about Iran and how that society perpetuates injustice...

And it should not be easy for America - damn any consequences. If we want to live as the most open and honorable democractic society in the world; we must bring the justice in this case as well as in all situations where Blacks and minorities are killed with impunity under the pretext of Law and Order.

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