Friday, May 08, 2015

United Kingdom - Hangs on for Unity

The disastrous outcome in the UK election would have been Labor Party getting maximum seats but needing to get support of SNP for majority. What that would have brought in is desperation of PM Ed Miliband in keeing SNP Boss Nicola Sturgeon happy at the cost of trading 'unity' of UK. That is because what is not clear is whether SNP is for preserving UK or creating a free Scotland at any cost; including breaking Queen's Kingdom. So far all pointers are in the direction of breaking United Kingdom - that is what seems to be the end goal of SNP. "If the referendum failed, then let us try the Westminster route"; that seems to be the SNP strategy here. With Labor government, Ed Miliband would have meekly participated in games of one Nicola in breaking UK. With Cameroon's Tory securing the majority, this bad outcome is avoided and that is the significance of these results.

What UK PM David Cameroon needs to do is to expose the folly of breaking the current UK. He better listen to Boris Johnson in moving UK more along federal structure rather than the current untenable situation of SNP having its say on 85% English residents via their 56 strong MP cohort in UK Parliament while SNP getting complete powers in running their own affairs in Scotland

There are two more areas where Tory PM David Cameroon needs to 'thread the needle':
- without losing economic benefits of being a part of EU, he needs to establish firmly the centrality of Westminster sovereignty over EU (read German) bureaucracy operating from Brussels; and
- give up the wrong headed fetish of 'austerity' as championed by Finance Minister Osborne. 

Only by addressing these two core problems, David Cameroon would get the necessary political space to strengthen the federal structure of UK to keep it intact. Tory victory in 2015 has presented him with an opportunity to precisely achieve this historic task - keep the 'united' of United Kingdom.

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