Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dramatic Week in American Politics

"This is as good as it gets for the president of the United States. It will never be a better week than this for him."

-- Former Senator Tom Daschle, the original force behind ObamaCare

"Barack Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history — and he will be a particularly towering figure in the history of American progressivism."

-- Vox

“We talk a lot about race. There’s no shortcut. We don’t need more talk.”

-- President Barack Obama

This has been an extraordinary week in American Politics. First, a Democratic President gets an authority to negotiate a meaningful Trade Pact with the most dynamic region of global economy. This gets followed by the vindication of keep improving America's Health Care System by nation's highest court. Next, American System decisively follows the progressive path in granting the sexual freedom and sanctity of marriage for all.

But our 'gun wounds' still continue. President Obama's Republican Opponent may find it courteous to travel with him, but this country is still missing a sensible approach about guns. Yet, the hatred which can misuse guns, Americans are attempting to face it head on is no mean achievement.  

While America is busy sorting her domestic mess, absence of the 'global cop' causes 'bad guys to cause mayhem' everywhere else. That will be the task cut out for President Barack Obama in remaining months of his presidency. Otherwise in some sense Obama Era is approaching it's conclusion even though Conservatives and 'Barry Goldwater of our times' decry what just happened.

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