Sunday, July 05, 2015

Soccer Champions - USA and Chile

USA Women Team wins FIFA Cup for the third time, long time after 1999 when they had won last. The dominance of USA Team, progressively assertive as its deep tournament run unfolded, was crystal clear. Carli Lloyd showed it all. 

With this win USA Women's Soccer will continue to gain popularity, more advertising and endorsement dollars as Fox Channel finds it out. With USA Women's Soccer - it is bipartisan compared to more Democratic slant for USA Men's Soccer due to popularity among Hispanic population. For sure USA Women's Team success and popularity will 'rub' positively for USA Men's Soccer as well. 

Talking of Men's Soccer, Chile scored a major win in almost a century after defeating mighty Argentina in Copa America. Chile would be savoring this win greatly given that South American soccer is always overshadowed by super powers of the game - Brazil and Argentina. For world's greatest soccer player - Lionel Messi - the bad luck in championship games continues. 

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