Saturday, July 18, 2015

Train Wreck Called Trump - Coming to a Halt?

Democrats have been devouring the beauty of how the candidacy, the outlandish rhetoric and surging poll numbers of Donald Trump would hurt GOP in 2016 election. It is well understood that, not just a candidate or two, but across the board Trump Presidential Campaign is destroying viable GOP plan in 2016 general election.

But may be the bonus for Democrats is coming to an end. Donald Trump lampoons Sen. John McCain for getting caught by Vietnamese. This political attack is way below the acceptance level of most Americans; I suspect including even the minority of racist and anti-immigration White Americans who might have enamored with Trump Politics. 

Obviously no soldier becomes POW with any willingness. All soldiers, except few exceptions, go to war to die for their country, to defend their country. It is like not better than arguing that Trump went into business to make money in corrupt ways! Of course most good business people want to make money in legal ways. Given this simple context of a soldier, war and POW - well established over centuries - all civilized societies regard their POW with respect and honor. Needless to say, common logic and basic human decency tell us that POW is the embodiment of heroic efforts to defend one's country. Trump would be wise to read how Jews deal with POWs and Jews set the example there.

Sen. John McCain's captivity was beyond a simple case of POW. It is always worth mentioning his exemplary display of moral character when again and again he prioritized release of other POWs than his own release when Vietnamese were conscious of high predegree of his family in American Navy. Where does Donald Trump's moral character compare with this bravery, impeccable patriotism and adherence to high morality?

Truth is Donald Trump is a vessel of 'filth in American Politics', he is serving that role for 2016 cycle. Possibly every Democracy needs such a ludicrous character who practices such 'gutter politics' to remind us that we the voter have responsibility to keep aside such bigotry and utterly dirty politics. Human frailty is such that, we need constant reminder of what we need to avoid and then there comes Donald Trump to fulfill that role.

Apart from his contradictory and outrageous lies against Mexican Immigrants, he attained the stupor by questioning Jeb Bush's Immigration Policy because he married to a Mexican woman. He deleted that tweet, but we got one more revelation of the 'hellish world' of Trump. And now comes questioning of Sen. McCain's war skills and his patriotism.

Republican Party has one of the worst tendencies of 'chicken hawks' symbolized by Dick Cheney and George Bush. These two folks and phalanx of Conservative pundits, themselves never served in American Military nor Trump too, but never hesitated in pushing lives of young American boys and girls in waging unwarranted wars in places afar on this globe. Donald Trump is the next step in that evolution - trash lives and honors of those who survive these ordeals. The way Karl Rove conducted a brutal politics against a proud Democrat veteran  Max Cleland in 2002; one feels 'trashing of veterans and POW' is not far from worst political instincts of GOP. 

Chances are that many Republicans themselves and definitely majority of Americans would not find trashing of American soldiers - POW or dead or victors - acceptable. 

It was bound to happen - the way Donald Trump train was speeding; he was bound to lose any remaining sanity and with Sen. McCain criticism we are getting glimpses of how that 'train wreck' would end in a complete political disaster.

(May be Fox News Channel should demand complete unconditional apology from Trump to Sen. McCain and all American POW before he is allowed to stand with other candidates in the coming televised debates. Fox has a fantastic chance to tame the 'tiger named Trump' which is ragging a havoc in the GOP tent.)

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