Monday, August 17, 2015

Commentary - Pakistan Imbroglio

India Pakistan relationship has been very interesting, to put it safely. The seeds of dissension sowed some seventy odd years ago have grown into a giant tree that overarches any efforts to change the balance either way.

There are groups of people on either side of the border, who think that total war is the only way out. There are also groups who side heavily towards holding talks irrespective of the happenings. And there are groups who think that neither strategy will work.

In the article ‘A New Toolkit’, Praveen Swami takes a sane and sensible approach. He neither dwells too much on history, nor does he go in “I told you so” or “Only a nitwit will fail to see the futility of this argument” mode. He starts by quoting history, but he joins it beautifully with the present scenario. Though he gets in Cassandra mode in the end, he gives enough justification for adopting that mode. Sometimes, pointing out that the situation is hopeless is the only way of generating some hope of finding a solution.

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