Friday, September 25, 2015

Beyond Boehner

“In this case there is no ‘House of Cards.’ ”
-- Xi Jinping, Chinese Communist Party Chief

I guess Speaker John Boehner thought the most impressive and emphatic way to negate Chinese President would be to ignite the real House of Cards. [1]

I like John Boehner. My political preferences do not align with his politics, but that is OK; the guy did the politics right. That is why I am sad to see him go.

I am sad to see him go because, I will be surprised if Republicans in House can find any other leader who will make the House work. They will not find any such leader not because Republican Party does not have any good politicians. It will be because, no matter who the leader is even if it is Saint Ronald Reagan (who the visiting Pope forgot to canonize when he did to someone else); the current House Republican Caucus cannot be united.

How do you tell the man to speak Truth when the whole survival of him is dependent on lying to People? That is the case with extreme conservative faction in Republican Caucus of House. These members who own their election in lying to their constituents that they can change the reality in Washington - like ending ObamaCare; like closing IRS, Fed, Education Department; stopping Gay Marriage; deciding birth decisions for women at risk; sending American Boys and Girls to wars places afar; like declaring Muslims are second class citizens in this Republic along migrants from Mexico; etc. - even when the White House is occupied by an opponent. These are the Representatives who essentially believe in election of only themselves and not in the national election of a Democratic President two times or election of filibuster-proof minority Democrats in Senate. That gang is completely oblivious to the political reality in Washington

Not just election of these extreme GOP members via gerrymandered districts depend on vilifying sensible Conservatives like Boehner; literal livelihood of likes of Rush Limbaugh and Heritage Action types depend on creating such chaos too. The more political chaos is created, the more economy gets hurt by all that; more it is all good for these Anger Merchants. More Washington descends into political turmoil, more the sale of their nonsensical, anti-science, anti-logic products to frustrated GOP primary voters. That is their business model, scalping Boehner is only a step in that direction.

The question is where will this internecine war among Republicans end. It is unlikely that the next speaker will make any headway in terms of governance. Governance is not on the agenda of these extreme Conservatives; their agenda is to ensue chaos and agitated environment until they get their way.[2] With ascend of such extreme views, it is difficult to see a Republican winner in 2016 elections. If it were a parliamentary system, we would have had split in the party to unblock the politics. Not sure whether rigid and finance driven American Political System will provide avenues for any such political realignment. Until then the 'rot' in Republican Party will continue and we will continue to see demise of good men like John Boehner from leadership.


[1] - Xi Jinping must be getting a first hand lesson in political openness is America. He must be noticing how political life of opponents of a so called weak president is no good and how in the end the same so called weak president outlasts his opponents. End of Boehner era is as much a story about 'crazy wing of Republican party' - no failure of John Boehner at all - as about the political durability of Barack Obama. You have a senate majority leader whose stated goal was to defeat Obama any which ways. He could not stop Obama reelection in 2012 nor subsequent policy enactments from Obama without Congress; meanwhile the other wheel in the Congress retires. While Xi Jinping is weakened politically due to ineffective management of Chinese economy despite massive aggrandization of power, here he will meet a leader who has brought his country's economy to a steady state as well as outlasting each of his political opponents. So much for the so called weakened power named USA!

[2] - I suspect this could be similar to the environment when Barry Goldwater pulled Republican Party to the extreme Right while winning the nomination but then losing White House in a massive land-slide against Republicans.

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