Thursday, September 10, 2015

Commentary - India-Pakistan War of 1965

How many wars did India fight since its independence? The ones to stand out are 1962 and 1971. The 1971 war was known for its fame (repudiation of the religion-based-national-identity theory, defeating arch-enemy Pakistan etc). On the other hand, 1962 war was known for its shame (China created a bubble of camaraderie that engulfed a whole load of people). 

In comparison, the 1948, 1965 and 1999 wars fade into background. Most are not sure whether 1948 and 1999 were full-fledged wars or just ‘insurgencies’. And 1965 war, though followed by an epoch-making moment – death of a serving Prime Minister in a foreign land – was somehow relegated to the pages of history. 

This article is not just informative; it comes from someone who has actually participated in the subsequent events that influenced India’s foreign policy. The last paragraph compels you to think – irrespective of whether you are a hawk, a dove or a couch potato.

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