Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Commentary - Beef ban politics: views right, left and sober

The politics of beef ban has brought out mostly the clichéd, the bombastic and the pompous on both sides to the fore. It is rare to find a voice of sobriety and sanity, which actually says something. 

For the first and worst two types, article by Shiv Visvanathan is an excellent example. To be charitable to him, a person who has to call himself a ‘social nomad’ has to be pitied more than considered. Such cliché is now no longer ‘cute’, it is juvenile. On top, he is a ‘Professor’ in an ‘institute’ (Jindal School of Government and Public Policy). A quick check about the ‘School’ will be enough to give you a perspective – one of the many private institutes that are primarily and secondarily founded to balloon up egos of the founding family. So, one reads with bemused interest the portentous argement that ‘Professor’ Visvanathan unleashes. The ‘Professor’ claims that PDP-BJP government ‘imposed’ beef ban and questions the sanity behind it. In reality, the PDF-BJP government implemented the ban and not imposed it. The article is full of such ‘arguments’ with more gas than a soda factory. 

The other extreme is equally hilarious. The article by Madhav Bhandari, who is the national spokesperson of BJP is a very good showcase of the somersaults that the poor fellow has to perform as part of his job. Mr. Bhandari admonishes journalists for sitting in cities and working from air conditioned offices and claiming that the prices of animals have come down, there are no buyers and it is difficult to bear the burden of the animals during draught. But he doesn’t specify his own postal address. Let me guess – it must be a very small village with a population of couple of hundred, no roads nor electricity. And I am sure Mr. Bhandari must be sitting in the middle of a thriving animal market where livestock is traded with more zest and much more profitability than stocks of Tata Steel or ITC. On the whole, one’s bemusement after reading ‘Professor’ Visvanathan’s article gets a befitting reply – an equal and opposite bemusement! 

An article on the same page sounds so sane, so sober that it seems to be completely out of place! Zafar Sareshwala is actually an academician – Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University. He is also described as a leading businessman. And he proves his business sense by presenting a very realistic view without playing either the ‘secular’ card or the ‘religious’ card. In fact, he finishes his short article by condemning the radicals behind the beef ban politics more decisively than any that I have read in the recent past.

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average joe said...

Dude, Pigs could fly! Zafar Sareshwala is no academic. He is a Modi bhakt and that is the only reason he was appointed the Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. Am wondering how you found his piece sensible. Please check this report from Hyderabad. http://goo.gl/96vQRQ