Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Commentary – His Master’s Voice?

The state of Haryana has had an unenviable run as far as its Chief Ministers go. The first noticeable CM that it got was the Bansi Lal, one of the chief villains of the emergency era. Bhajan Lal retained his CM’s post by defecting along with the entire cabinet. And if one looks at the list, one can’t be blamed to think ‘and then it went downhill’. Bhajan Lal’s another claim to fame is he is one of the rare non-Jat leaders to rule the state for over a decade. The present occupant of the seat, Manohar Lal Khattar, shares that fame, being a non-Jat. His other claim to fame is that he is the first BJP CM since the state’s inception in 1966. 

Khattar has one more claim to fame – he is probably the weakest, the lamest CM BJP has ever foisted upon any population. He is a first time MLA, with just a couple of decades of experience in active politics. His elevation to the CM’s post was quite a surprise. Earlier, only Congress was known for such surprises (Babasaheb Bhosale in Maharashtra). 

In this perspective, Khattar’s interview gains importance. One thing that emerges clearly from this interview is, one needs to be wary of him. Not because he is dangerous, but because he is ignorant, hence unpredictable.

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Umesh Patil said...

It is understandable that politics of Haryana is deeply influenced by Caste. But only Haryana cannot be blamed, so can be said about many other States of India. Though a novelty that Haryana CM Khattar is non-Jat on this background, in the end caste is irrelevant when it comes to governance.

Same goes for the lack of experience. In politics of some countries (USA, Canada); lack of political experience is precisely perceived as an advantage. Otherwise Canadian People would not have been easy in backing a young, telegenic face of Justin.

The sad reality is what CM Khattar is talking is all inconsistent. Not only it is illogical, it is divisive; neither serving people of Haryana nor taking India any forward. That is the import of this interview.