Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Commentary - Anti-body of RSS

RSS (and its affiliates/derivatives) have started cornering much attention now, thanks to a variety of acts and reasons. Earlier, RSS was known (or so the RSS people liked to believe anyway) for the 'social work’ that it did. So floods, earthquakes and suchlike calamities saw khaki shorts clad 'swayamsevaks’ carrying out the rescue work in an almost orderly fashion. 

The intolerance of any kind of opposition was RSS’s hallmark even earlier. But since they were not in/near power, their intolerance was considered harmless. Now the ‘intolerance’ is in with a bang. And what will it lead to?

The interview gives a very clear and very scary picture from the other side of the divide. The very fact that an NGO, AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) is not only active, but is considered a key player is scary. And if you read the interview slowly, only once, the scariness quotient increases. 

The super velvet kid-glove treatment by media is very much apparent. But for once, the super-objective and super-neutral stance actually helps to frame the cold viciousness of these statements. Even for straightforward and inert questions, Maulana Rahmani gives self-contradicting answers, happily asking rhetorical questions like “Are we supposed to ape Pakistan and Bangladesh now?” He further ‘complains’ that courts in Bangladesh are ‘hounding Jamaat-e-Islami leaders’. What is Jamaat-e-Islami? An organization that collaborated with Pakistani Army to inflict unmentionable atrocities on Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) citizens.

One must read the interview, because this is the other half of the ‘intolerance’ picture that the RSS and allied organizations are enriching. No point in waking up only after the polarization reaches frightening levels; one must travel with open eyes, even if the travel is a straight slide to inferno.

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