Monday, December 21, 2015

Commentary - Indian Students Stopped from Flying to USA

Times of India (TOI) reports that Indian Authorities stopped bunch of Indian students flying from India to USA to start with some suspicious sounding universities in California. This is not a new problem nor it will be the last incident in this regard. The best thing for Indian Government here to do is create a 'white list' of foreign institutions to which Indian Government will allow students to go. That way the issue of Indian kids going to these spurious institutes will not come up. If any student wants to go outside of this white list, the student will have to request Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) first to include that institute to the white list. Upon undertaking basic sanity checking and checking with the government of that foreign country, MEA can include it in the list.

This is for the part of Indian Gov. to guard Indian students from getting attracted to those fake foreign universities. Those exist in USA, Canada, Australia and other places.

Now for the responsibility of American Government. Of course, my country of residence sucks here. Both universities (Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA and Norther Western Polytechnic College, Fremont, CA) mentioned in the article may be bogus or at least non-reputable and still Obama Admin and CA Brown Admin allow those to exist and allow them to dupe foreign students. That is shame on American Governments. It is all 'free market' ideology - what a non-sense and irresponsible these governments are. (Why is that Indian MEA not escalate it to John Kerry and keep harping Americans about that?)

But did some one say 'radicalized Islamic students' coming to USA via these bogus universities? On man, these Republican Congress Members, Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh will jump on it! The problem solved!! Give a bone to the 'dog' and it will keep on chewing it... That is the 'sorry state' of affairs of in USA - any genuine action will happen only when something is linked to Terrorism by radicalized Islamic youth.

The importance of 'white list' from Indian Government point of view is - the last thing India wants to have is bunch of Indian radicalized students entering USA via bogus universities and pulling off a terrorist attack. It is better that India takes care of it at the source itself and stop flying these students to such shady foreign institutes. One thing to keep in mind is the TOI report does not indicate whether these students were Islamic or radicalized or with possibility of pulling off a bad act in USA. But it is important from USA perspective, as well as from Indian perspective, to keep this possibility in mind and take preventive measures. In that regard one would applaud the action of Indian Authorities.

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ratnakar said...
This link has an interesting story about a shady university in the Valley. To quote 'Yes, Silicon Valley University exists. It has a street address, a physical entity in the form of a building, a skeletal ''faculty,'' and according to two students who spoke to this correspondent, anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 students.
It also has valid credentials till 2017 as per the website of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, one of the two national accreditors of degree granting institutions recognized by the US Department of Education.
Beyond these bare facts, not much else. The 19 students who were offloaded from an Air India flight in Hyderabad on Sunday, when they were on their way to San Francisco to join Silicon Valley University in San Jose and North Western Polytechnic in nearby Fremont, were clearly coming to an educational warehouse. '