Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Fighting Islamic State in the Shadow of Fascism

May be World War II was easy - a totalitarian state, Soviet Union, joined West and USA to defeat Fascism. Today, in a divided America; one part of USA has to fight the Fascism propounded by the other half while this divided nation also has to battle Islamic State (IS). 

May be if Ross Douthat had waited till Monday December 7, he would have labelled Donald Trump as a complete Fascist rather than letting him go. But then it is matter of just few more months in the election campaign when these Conservatives will support Trump heartily. Precisely as like vast majority of Germans failed to stop Fascism of Adolph Hitler, these Conservatives would ignore fascists policy ideas of nominee Donald Trump to force USA politics into a chaos.

Such a deeply divided America is exactly what IS wants - that message of Barack Obama is going nowhere because America finds Barack Obama exactly at the same place as like his predecessor George Bush was - no amount of external war fighting would stop body bags of Americans. [1] In case of Bush era, those were coming Fallujah while in Obama era, those get filled in San Bernardino and potentially in other cities and towns of America. Neither George Bush had the courage to admit that his foreign policy was 'not' there to address terrorism anxieties of Americans, nor Barack Obama's message of avoiding IS traps reaches to Americans.

If we continue to have home grown terrorist attacks in USA, Paris like high profile attacks in Europe; no matter how much IS is really losing in Syria and Iraq; American Politics in 2016 will be completely dominated by xenophobic and fascist assertions by Donald Trump. As the unfolding strong reaction of xenophobia in France shows, same will unfold in USA as well. 

Just as more Barack Obama talks about 'gun control'; lesser of his message about linking it to national security would reach to Americans. In effect Liberal rhetoric on that topic becomes counter productive. May be Barack Obama needs to take his own medicine - like how he does not want USA to engage 'head on IS' and do not subscribe to IS notion of West versus IS; he and Liberals do not engage 'gun control' head on too.

But I do not just mean such a strategy in reference to 'gun control' only. Far more important is the fight against Fascism as sprouted by Donald Trump. May be the trick is what Bernie Sander's talk - inequality as the root cause of our sickness. The least it will achieve is to not get into the trap of Donald Trump's Fascism when he argues how excess of 'political correctness' kills Americans

Unless and until sane politics in USA finds a wiser and smarter way of avoiding traps of Trump and 2016 Republican presidential candidates on unconstitutional and ineffective measures to stop terrorism; USA would be like 1933 Germany - unable to stop Adolph Hitler even though majority Germans did not accept his prescriptions. Over used comparisons to Hitler should not make us blind when we actually see Fascism. Donald Trump is that incarnation. What the true leader of 2016 needs to tell America is - IS is definitely not strong, but the fight against IS is hard because we remain weak by being divided. It is our 'fear and its merchants like Trump who sale it relentlessly' are the ones who weaken us in fighting against IS.


[1] - Not escalating the war by sending thousands of American troops in Syria and Iraq to fight IS may be a sound battle field strategy for President Obama so as avoid the 'trap' as well as to damp down irrational expectations of Americans for a 'quick fix' to the problem of home grown terrorism. But when Americans are 'fearful, angry and frustrated'; to argue for patience without a change in the play book is not politically sexy or shiny. 

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