Friday, January 22, 2016

Commentary: Start-up Sops

One must give full marks to BJP for being considerate. They force-feed us a plethora of terms in its inimitable election campaign style. But they keep changing the menu. Before and during the elections, ‘development’ and ‘black money’ were the terms that were stuffed down our throat. After the elections, it was ‘development’ all the way, apart from ‘cow-saving’ and ‘patriotism’. Now ‘start-up’ seems to be the new flavor for 2016. This article, very objectively and yet incisively, lays bare the minuscule infrastructure on which this mammoth hyperbole is being built. The so called ‘start-up India’ campaign is neither new, nor sufficient. And a host of other variables will have to fall meekly in place before it succeeds.

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