Monday, February 29, 2016

Commentary: With 'protectors' like these......

What happened in JNU, and subsequently outside, will continue to be a matter of heated debate for days to come. And of course there are and will be multiple versions of the ‘events’ that happened, in the true Rashomon style. 

One such version has following takes on the ‘events’. 

There are two kinds of riots – ‘actual’ riots and ‘technical’ riots. If there is arson and people’s heads are broken, then it is ‘actual’ riot. ‘Technical’ riot not defined, but implied that the perceived intention can make any activity ‘technical’ riot. 

There was no assault on Kanhaiya Kumar. Let him claim otherwise. 

If journalists are beaten up, but they can continue to cover an event, then it is not a serious matter. And if a journalist is unable to continue coverage of the event, then you keep mum, because “the matter is under the Honourable Supreme Court of India’s jurisdiction”. And then take the conversation to how the discussion on Patiala Court incident is shifting the focus from the main event, the JNU case. 

What happened in JNU was a ‘grave’ case. If the students had performed and unlawful assembly and broken each other head, it would have been an ordinary case. 

Crime detection rates for 2012, ’13, ’14 and ’15 are 53%, 48%, 29% and 27% respectively. Don’t worry at all, because “That means things have stabilized”. In the ‘stabilized’ scheme of things, in the ‘detected’ cases, the recovery percentage is 4 to 5 percent. Moral? “Better go in for some better security measures at your homes, surveillance systems. Kindly go in for insurance”. 

The cause for concern is, all this is uttered by the Police Commissioner of Delhi, in a detailed interview.

Be horrified and petrified, while you still have the chance. You might be ‘stabilized’ soon.

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