Sunday, February 28, 2016

Meg Whitman for Hillary?

As the USA Presidential Nomination process enters into the end-game, it is a surprise announcement by HPE CEO considering that she is a stalwart Republican Tech Titan (along with Cisco boss Chambers, VC Perkins and others). It is a bold move because she knows very well that her opposition to Trump will not help any non-Trump viable alternative - Rubio or Cruz - at such a late stage. The die is cast for Clinton-Trump contest in Nov 2016. This only means Meg Whitman is essentially coming out in support of Hillary. She is following the footsteps of another prominent NeoCon – Robert Kagan.

These are tumultous days for American Politics with far reaching consequences nationally as well as globally. Destruction of Republican Establishment is the political earthquake. It was badly needed given that Republican Party consistently failed to deliver for White Lower Class despite dependent on their votes. The mechanism had been obstruct Obama, fuel the anger of White American Voters needing help from Government and translate that anger into electoral victories while 'keep sleeping in bed' with Rich Renter Class of Republican coalition by giving them their cherished tax cuts. This process is not sustainable and had to break. Politics in Democracy is supposed to unblock suppression of people's true needs. With Trump as the flag barer of Republican Party who has shattered the Republican Establishment, the dam is broken. That is how Democracy works and it is working in USA. 

There will be ample time for us to evaluate Trump and Clinton candidacies in months to come. But task on hand has been to resolve the inherent contradiction in the Republican Party Politics. We seem to be at the end of that. Desperation from Republican Elites - that is just the vindication. 

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