Saturday, March 12, 2016

America's Violent Politics - Trump Contribution

It has been a while a political rally has seen violence in America. But Donald Trump has brought back those memories. This is a truly ugly development in American Politics.

Donald Trump is actively encouraging violence at his rally against those who protest. He is not asking local Police Force to ensure a peaceful rally of his own while recognizing freedom of speech of others in protesting at his rallies. I can imagine how in India, opposition would have simply moved to the Election Commission of India (ECI) and Courts for 'instigating political riots'. Chances are that ECI and Indian Courts would have stepped in to stop that politician. Here in America, Federal Election Commission is a feckless entity with zero ability to enforce any rules for how to conduct elections. Tea Party members would obviously take a joy in such lawlessness and lack of rules. Not only that, American Courts actually want to go away from even regular prosecution, least it would offend Donald Trump!

Utter failure of American institutions (FEC, American Courts and Public Prosecution) involved in this is crystal clear. Fortunately, contrary to wishes of Donald Trump, Media will continue to highlight 'politics of thuggery' Donald is advocating at his rally; not least because of the competitive pressures. But the best tool in American System to address this 'politics of violence' is Donald's political opponents. Republican Opponents of Donald cannot make the obvious, politically the strongest case against Trump in regards to how he is proposing Tax Cuts to benefit him personally as well as his friends in rich class - all at the cost of those lower class voters he swear's by. But these Republicans can make a convincing, powerful and effective case against Donald's Authoritarianism by pointing to his active incitements to his base to conduct the violence. Republican elites are bankrupt to the ideology of blind tax cuts to rich and unwarranted wars in far places in the name of democracy; but they are NOT so bankrupt to tolerate 'jamming' of their freedom of speech. It should be very easy for Republican Opponents of Donald to remind American Voters that precious American Blood was lost in defeating Fascism and fighting suffocating Socialism of Soviets. No Americans want to go back on that.

Waiting till a Democratic Opponent of nominee Trump for such an attack will be too late; who knows the republican fabric of America could be permanently torn by then given the momentum of mayhem Donald has acquired.

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