Monday, March 28, 2016

Commentary: BJP finds soft target in Congress governments in states

First Arunachal and then Uttarakhand! It now appears that the Congress governments in the states are the soft targets for the BJP which has found it easier to topple state governments than to win elections in the states. While states run by local stalwarts like Mamata in Bengal or Pattanaik in Odisha are difficult to ruffle, the Congress in its current state of disarray makes an easier target. Of course, the BJP would like to win maximum seats in the upcoming elections in the states but the recent events in Uttarakhand indicate an alternate strategy.  Of course, in both the cases, Arunachal and Uttarakhand, the BJP indulged in dubious tactics to topple the governments and may apply a similar trick in Manipur, but what remains undeniable is that increasingly, the Congress is finding it difficult to stick together, especially in the outposts far away from Delhi. 

This article probes the three cases of Arunachal, Uttarakhand where the BJP has already proved a success as well as Manipur which may be the next target. The question is will the Congress prove as helpless as BJP assumes it to be or will it take preemptive action to protect its flanks? The Congress has since its crushing defeat in 2014 derived satisfaction entirely from the BJP's disastrous shows in Delhi and Bihar. If it continues with the inertia instead of reacting strongly to predatory attacks from the BJP, it will give further reasons for being given up on.

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