Saturday, March 19, 2016

Commentary: Interview T20 style

Badruddin Ajmal is considered to be a perfume baron, a divisive force, a maverick/pragmatic politician, a fundamentalist (select as per your information and inclination). What can’t be denied is, he is an ‘established’ politician in Assam today, leading a considerable regional party.
As the Assam election hots up, interesting interviews start peeking round the pages of the newspapers. Some are run-of-the-mill, some are not so common. This one is peculiar, because it shows Ajmal’s tightrope walking as well as statements with deadpan face.
AIUDF was ‘born to consolidate all forces subscribing to the fundamental values of our constitution’. Sounds strange, but that’s what Ajmal claims.
After dishing out a straight-drive ‘why should we spend time and energy to help the Congress?’, Ajmal hastily issued an invite to Congress to join his ‘grand alliance’. Nice touch. Especially after he blasted Congress as ‘solely responsible’ for the poor conditions of Muslims in Assam.
After making a grave allegation, ‘AGP government had several ministers who were illegal immigrants’, he refuses name them ‘Why should I? The people know’.
He doesn’t spare any ‘heartfelt’ and sympathetic words when describing his opponent, the BJP Chief Ministerial candidate Sarbananda Sonowal. He calls Sonowal ‘a good person caught in an impossible situation’.
Come elections, and you get a plethora of opportunities to exercise your right to entertain yourself. This is one of them; grab it!

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