Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Modi Gov. Let Go Mallya

The litigation against Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Mallya has been going on for a while in Indian Courts. Modi Gov. should have been aware of the possibility that Vijay Mallya would flee from India as his financial woes had been mounting for months. Clearly Modi Gov. has failed in anticipating who it 'needs to stop'. All the lip service to make everyone pay back to nationalized banks is pointless. In essence Modi Gov's acquiescence in letting 'big fish' free does not square with its rhetoric.

If Mallaya claims that he has been on the UK voter roll since 1992; how was he allowed to become and remain member of Rajya Sabha so long; given that India laws do not allow any dual citizenship? Article 9 of Indian Constitution is pretty strongClearly successive Indian Governments have been lax in enforcing no foreign citizenship on 'powerful' folks. That is a disgrace given that India has one of the strongest requirements to retain her citizenship. There was no reason to relax those requirements in the case of a looter like Vijay Mallya.

In the end Modi Gov. has to make the extradition request to UK Gov which should be easy given the crimes he has committed. For UK, which entertains to live without EU after Brexit, the access to Billion Plus people market will hinge on not hiding folks like Mallya. 

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