Tuesday, May 03, 2016

RIP - Cruz Candidacy for 2016 Nomination

Though a bigger dreadful scenario of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee in November 2016 is still on the horizon, America at least avoided one another nightmare - Sen. Ted Cruz as the GOP nominee of 2016. He would have had difficult race against Hillary, actually every other candidate including Trump will have a hard time against Hillary. But still America is spared today from an ultra-ambitious, selfish, blindly ideological candidate; the candidate who considers his political ambitions higher than what is good for the country.

To start with Sen. Ted Cruz, as like all of other Republican candidates, maintained with a straight face the voodoo economic policy -  deficit inducing tax cuts for rich in the name of growth stimulus. He may be Harvard educated, but his blind adherence to GOP ideology never allowed him to see the rational, factual information about tax cuts - Bill Clinton did not give tax cuts, but had good economic growth; Bush gave the tax cuts but did not get the growth and finally Obama increased taxes and still got the growth. All this evidence of last 3 presidents is what GOP ignores; Sen. Ted Cruz never found any courage to face this evidence and reality. Just like every other GOP candidate, he doubled down on this nonsensical policy for ideological reasons. 

What would President Cruz do if a Democrat controlled Congress shutdowns Federal Government for abortion rights; all along damaging people's economic well being? Would he have praised those Democrats because they followed his tactics? No. But Sen. Ted Cruz never showed regard to the office of presidency when in Congress and played with economic well being of people of the sake of unrealistic political goals of repealing ObamaCare and de-funding Planned Parenthood. In the process he never bothered about what his collegues in Senate had to say; nor did he show any respect to them. He is such a tactless senator who calls his own majority leader as liar on the Senate floor while he himself lied about how Goldman Sachs loaned his Texax Senator campaign. Donald Trump is right - Ted Cruz is one big, low life liar.

Sen. Ted Cruz never bothered about the political obligation of articulating an alternative to ObamaCare while opposing to it at extreme. He has never shown humility to acknowledge the success attained by ObamaCare nor any willingness to improve it further. Health benefits of million poor Americans - he gave 'damn' about it and with impunity maintained utter irresponsibility of scrapping ObamaCare without a viable replacement. Sen. Cruz never saw the folly of allowing health insurances across states and complete inadequacy of any such proposal to substitute ObamaCare.

Sen. Cruz's foreign policy knowledge, or rather lack of it, only flashed in moments - like when he uttered that 'we will find out whether sand can glow in the night' as his prescription to carpet bomb IS in deserts of Iraq and Syria. Simply stated, he would have continued the reckless foreign policy in the spirit of Dick Cheney. 

Today, America is saved from a completely self-absorbed presidential candidate who went for the fetish of declaring his VP mate even without getting the nomination; all for some petty tactical, desperate considerations. His choice of Carly Fiorina was fitting though - equally ideological, 'damn to people' type mentality elitist person. Carly hardly has won any election nor does she bring any break from dark sides of Wall Street. Neither Cruz could find any better VP candidate nor Carly had decency to reject a VP candidacy literally for a week. What a combination!

All in all Americans would breathe a sigh of relief today that she dodged a bullet by ending the crazy candidacy of Cruz. It is fitting that equally bad ass Donald Trump shows Ted Cruz and Carly the door. Thank you Donald, thank you.(*)


(*) - We will write Donald's presidential obituary on November 8th, 2016. 

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