Saturday, June 04, 2016

A Veteran Journalist Misses the Point

It is one thing to question what anti-Trump demonstrators did in San Jose California and to imply that they are going Trumpian way[1]; but it is another thing to suggest that whole of American Politics is going Trump style.

Karen Tumulty is a veteran and credible journalist from Washington Post. But she makes a category mistake by clubbing entire American Politics with Trumpian ways. Proof:

- Mainstream Media, TV / CNN in particular, is learning to call the bluff of Trump. First, Trump got irritated and annoyed when reporters from Karen's paper started to question what did Trump do with the money raised for veterans. Now TV channels are learning to replay what exactly Trump said when he lies.

- Next, as Hillary Clinton herself wondered - "did Donald say all these things?"; she and her campaign are simply compiling what non-sense Trump has said so far. Hillary is finally getting a simple campaign strategy here - you do not have to 'spin or stretch' anything what Trump says to make a political point. That work is already done by Trump - his utterances are already stretched and extreme enough that a simple presentation of those 'utterances' in unvarnished format will do the job.[2]

Trump can again deny what he said when presented with a proof of his earlier position on any given topic. He will change his position one more time since in his world 'consistency' does not matter. That is all right, but by then it will be amply clear to Americans that the guy keeps talking contradictory things so as it is impossible to decide what he wants to propose and how reliably he will stick with his promises. It is all trash talk of a used car sales man:

Campaigning against Trump is not hard as Hillary Clinton is now finding - just put what Trump says in the context and then all those contradictions, bigotry, racism, fascism will come in plain sight for anyone to see. The harder task is to remove 'blinders' what Americans are wearing with an attitude "what worse can happen by putting this jack-ass in White House when these traditional Washington politicians have already damaged us so far?". When a veteran journalist like Tumulty paints all of America with the same brush and claims that Trump has succeeded in 'debasing our politics'; these journalists are doing the bidding for Trump.

Just because Paul Ryan surrenders to Trump does not mean America has given up to challenge Trump. Problems of Republican Party which wants to jump over the cliff along with Trump are not problems for the entire America.

What people need to understand is Trump and Republican Party may want to burn in flames of Nihilism, Non-Sense and Stupidity; but that does not mean a large set, possibly majority, of Americans wants to join that carnage. Hillary is starting finally to point out this 'reality' and responsible American Media needs to notice that. As long as Democrats are able to make 2016 election essentially a referendum on Trump; Americans will be compelled to see the impeding disaster of Trump Presidency and Trumpian Politics.

[1] - The fear in Democratic Party that violence as seen in San Jose CA enables Trump is right. Bernie has condemned it, Obama has scolded and Hillary as well disapproved it. But collectively Democratic Party Establishment needs to articulate opposition to such violence at Trump rallies in more forceful ways. Not allowing Trump to speak peacefully is basically reneging on the basic rule of politics - when your opponent is destroying himself, don't disturb. Of course, such cynicism apart, the constitutional rights of Trump and duty of every American to abide by laws require that we do not resort to violence at Trump rallies. That Trump started all this and he still advocates violence as his politics - that is a different matter. The whole point is to expose Trump and that gets hindered by any disruption of Trump rallies by his opponents. 

[2] - Equally Americans have nothing apart from Trump's utterances to assess his eligibility for White House. Famously he boasts of not having any experience in any elected office; then the only means Americans have is to go by his 'words'. His bankruptcy ridden financial empire; well, that is all good for him, how would that solve America's prosperity problem unless he wants to donate all of his wealth to Americans upon ascending to Oval Office?

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