Monday, June 27, 2016

Commentary: Expert Opinion

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson's partner in crime for the Leave campaign uttered that "People in this country have had enough of experts". Obviously that was a self serving lie. Most experts had warned about Brexit and the way market is reacting and the parade of UK sovereignty downgrade is unfolding; clearly those experts were right.

But you need to be cautious here. Experts can be really wrong. For example foreign policy experts have been measuring 'sovereign stability of nations' over a decade and here is the latest ranking by those experts. Given that UK has landed up as a country with no leadership, no government, wiping out over 2 Trillion Dollar wealth across the globe and on the verge of breaking herself; clearly it does not deserve higher ranking than USA. Uncle Sam's country is damn more stable than a country flying the union jack. Or by what account former British colonies like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh any worse than UK when it cannot keep 3 centuries marriage with Scots and when the Gibraltar Chief Minister takes advice from the Scottish First Minister to retain EU advantages?

Brexit is the loss of a polity which otherwise had been regarded as a rock solid union. What a shame and laughing stock these Britishers have made of themselves!

UK today simply reminds of a big land lord with a big family who inherits a large estate; but his children turn out to be all squabbling, incompetent bunch who squander a magnificent estate by all the 'mean minded, small minded' thinking... what a loser bunch of messers Cameron, Johnson and Corbyn are! What a shame and destruction of a storied franchise named United Kingdom!!

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