Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary

Knowing my interest in American Politics, co-workers asked whether I was going to listen to Trump RNC speech. I did not muster myself that courage as well as I was not ready to waste my time regardless of how 'watershed moment' it has been for the Republican Party. Na, Donald Trump does not even deserve this much attention from ordinary Americans and looks I did not miss much

But granted, my commentary about Trump speech is not first hand. Hence, I will restrict myself to the minimum. Donald Trump's main argument is:
- things are 'bad' in America and
- Americans need to trust him that he will fix it.[1]

Literally, any Tom Dicky Harry can make that argument. Why bother, especially when his argument about 'decay in America' hardly matches to reality? What things in his resume should convince Americans that he will 'fix things'? His Billions - we don't even know whether he is 'that accomplished' in business and whether his billions are made in any legitimate and clean ways. His insults - that is a lousy way of evaluating anyone. It is like 'vote me' because I can utter more nasty words than anyone! Leave aside whether Donald can be 'nasty' in actions at all. Doubts are already getting raised that he is the agent of 'Putin'; an extraordinarily grave risk to America and to the world. Or is it then his slate of policy prescriptions? Any average American can see through that Donald does not have any policy prescriptions which would make sense. In all probability because, he does not even want to consider Americans can be 'thinking people'! He assumes and treats all Americans as 'dumb' and mere supplicant, craving for his iron fist rule!!

These are potent political weapons for Hillary to fight Donald - 'fifth column' nature of Donald's love to Putin and his arrogance to treat Americans as demented population. And now, she will have Tim Kaine at her service to 'stay' on the message. That is a right VP choice for Hillary Clinton. Not only will Tim Kaine help to nudge the balance in a purple state like Virginia; who knows America even will see the name of Tim Kaine in her politics for next 16 years! Boring? But 'boring is good'; that delivers governance and progress. Reality TV shows like of Donald Trump do not make lives of common Americans any better. As they say in Silicon Valley - that is all 'vaporware'.....


[1] - Yes, things need to change, but neither does that mean we should 'blow up' things nor it would mean Americans should hand over keys of Oval Office to someone like Donald Trump who does not have any track record or who does not even bother to spell out what policies he would enact to solve our real problems.

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