Friday, July 29, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary

With Democratic Convention over, here are few thoughts:

- Hillary's speech was not bad, but bit formulaic[1]. I guess with the political thrust of projecting 'steadiness, no surprise commander-in-chief' kind of approach over 'who knows what Donald will say next'; Democrats will buy this slightly rote rendition of an acceptance speech anytime. May be for a reason there were neither rhetorical nor idea-wise much 'innovation' in her speech.  Of course, not that the other side had been particularly overflowing with any kind of innovation in political rhetoric. But comparing to Donald's speech at RNC is to set a way too low bar for anyone, definitely for Hillary who has been in politics so long and fiercely competitive at that.

- The heart of Hillary case is what she built upon foundations of Obama's speech yesterday: that 'you don't make things or change things alone in this country' and Hillary with Democratic Party are the only unifying forces in the current election to take forward our 'ever perfecting union' collectively. May not be sexiest of the message, but at it's core it is factual and fundamentally a correct political response given the violent, divisive politics Donald Trump is advocating.

- Apart from hitting the right core of 'self-governance', there were many 'red meat' formations in Hillary's speech which she articulated effectively: like background checks for gun purchase, having right pride and respect in America's military strength and that she gets it that for many Americans Economy needs to deliver more. By emphasizing 'don't boo, but vote'; Democratic leadership is getting the importance of voter turnout. So we will see how all that 'red meat' will propel the army of Dem votes.[2]

- The impression Hillary's speech left on me was: her strength in delivering a strong political speech at a crunch time and with stamina. Her delivery had the force. Essentially her act clearly demonstrated that when it comes to 'fighting in the arena', the lady is full of mental and physical strength.


[1] - You get glossy self introduction, then some part 'red meat' for the base, an olive branch here and there for 'so-called undecided voters', then demolition of the opponent, followed by a call to better senses of Americans and finally old style pure nationalism in remaining part; all in a single speech.

[2] - Polling for Hillary is on upside both in battleground states and red states. Seems like she will get at least some bounce out of this convention possibly bringing back her lead in national polls.

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