Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Commentary: Why Blaming Pakistan for Kashmir Problem is a Policy Dud

It must be admitted categorically that any understanding of the Kashmir tangle can only begin once it is admitted that it is not a Made in Pakistan problem despite our neighbour’s constant efforts to foment trouble in the valley and at the borders. But making that simple admission seems like a tall order these days. Despite the media gag in the Valley, the social networks are busy circulating images, videos and news about the wounds caused by the supposedly non-lethal pellets among people of all ages. These images are unlikely to disappear in a hurry. The anger among the public after Burhan Wani’s killing by the Indian forces is now sustained by these random bullets that have been blinding scores of men, women and children in the Valley, leaving permanent scars and promising to push Kashmir towards yet unseen levels of disenchantment and anger.   

This article summarizes only part of the furor felt across the country giving an account of the common sentiments shared by the various opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha. But once again our Home Minister Rajnath Singh is found parroting the good old cliches on Kashmir -  in response to all the agonizing among the parliamentarians like Ghulam Nabi Azad and Karan Singh, all our Home Minister could offer by way of consolation and insight was that the Kashmir agitation is ‘sponsored by Pakistan’. A continuation of such rhetoric and the poverty of understanding reflected in it will ensure that Kashmir problem will get more and more complicated in the days to come.

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