Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Payback Time for Roger Ailes

Megyn Kelly is talking about 'stalking and sexual advances' by Roger Ailes which go back 10 years or more. It all started by the brave lady Gretchen Carlson who came out with a lawsuit against Roger Ailes for his improper advances with sexual intentions.

Very rarely we have a person who has single-handedly worsened American Politics to this extent. Roger Ailes built the Fox News catering to salacious part, always going for sensational with a peculiar hatred of Obama. The racial undertones of Fox are difficult to hide, its hate of Barack Obama plain and simple to watch. In addition, spinning 'any news' to paint Liberals bad; no stone is turned down in that endeavor. In the process if gullible Americans are fed upon the 'opium' of Glenn Beck type conspiracy world with scant regard to evidence (case in point - coverage about Global Warming on Fox) or correct policy (how many times Fox claimed for impeding recession due to Federal deficit?) - all is good in the name of business.

That is the thing with Conservatives - fanning fears of Americans, supplying them with outright lies and constant stream of insinuation in the name of journalism; all are acceptable so long as it makes money. That is Roger Ailes. With these lawsuits and Murdoch Family dropping him like a stone - it is the real payback time for Roger Ailes.

No one knows how Fox and Conservative Punditry would be shaped after his departure from Fox. But with Trump triumphant in GOP field; prognosis is not good - there is simply too much money to be left on the table by not 'fooling Americans' via Media. Chances are that Fox will continue it's Animal Farm style broadcasting even after departure of Roger Ailes.

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