Thursday, July 07, 2016

Race Wounds of America

(This post has been updated.)

As if killing of two black men was not sufficient, we have killing of at least 4 officers in Dallas and many more injured[1]by snipers when people gathered to protest police killing of black men. Race powered atrocities by police in many parts of America are not abating despite heightened media coverage of 'black lives matter'.  Retorting 'all lives matter' is not the solution for some of the deeply entrenched problems afflicting America today:
- unchecked power wielded by local police against black men in particular[2];
- broken criminal justice system which results in higher incarceration with much less scope to absorb ex-convicts; 
- America's gun culture making availability of guns as easy as like buying water or milk in a grocery shop; and
- Trump style Republican politics which overtly encourages racism.

Unless state lever leadership in most states of USA actively pushes peace efforts and criminal system reforms; there is a real danger that America gets engulfed in a ugly race ignited conflict; occasionally exploding with gun fights. 

It is too much to expect from Donald Trump any sanity in asking Americans to calm down. Danger is he would even further inflame the already tense situation. Because of that, at the national level it becomes a duty of Hillary Clinton to keep pushing this discourse to a more saner discussion about how to heal America's racial wounds. It will be lot better if she argues for a concrete set of proposals to improve America's Criminal System, to avoid brutal killings by local police, encourage methods and practices at local policing level which are less lethal and accountable and help bring sanity to America's gun culture. This is especially important since realistically Republican Congress would not do anything to solve America's burning problems. It will fall on Hillary Clinton to help America rally around ways and means to overcome violent racial divide.
[1] - Number of Dallas officers died has increased to 5 and it might further increase too. Let me be very clear here - I do not condone this violence against police force in any sense. As Black Lives Matter says, they do not advocate any murder; they advocate peaceful ways to achieve justice. These snipers must be hunted down and prosecuted and police force must be accorded all saftey that is available (which should not mean shooting at first choice at innocent people; there will have to be a balance and accountability on both sides).
[2] - Why is that American police not use non-lethal means like Tasers and other ways to enforce order instead of directly shooting black and minority folks? I suspect again it is the 'gun culture' and the bias of local justice system to favor police and law enforcement people in all cases. Only when police who shoot citizens without provocation are prosecuted successfully, their departments and cities are rendered bankrupt by hefty law suits brought for these injustices; will we see some change in America's law enforcement machinery. Otherwise the mendacity and reluctance to change will continue to cost lives of many, many Americans without any reason or justice.

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