Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Theresa May - Britain's Hope

(Source - UK Government)
"The Conservative Party, like Silicon Valley, believes in failing fast." 

That is what impressed me most: how Tories under promised - Cameron said it will be September when UK will get the new PM and how they over delivered - the queen appoints her second UK female PM today.

It all reminds me Baron Heseltine, the giant killer who slain down towering Thatcher when Tories determined that she was past her shelf date or how John Major thundered "time to put up or shut up". That is British Conservative Party - always knows how to identify the winning horse quickly.[1]

Paul Krugman thinks American Republican Party as the classical example of a political force which exclusively represents interests of its class - renter or capital owner class in America.[2] I think if he would look at the history of British Tories, he will realize that the better example is UK Tories. British Tories realize that the most potent enemy of Capitalist Class is 'uncertainty'. Hence the decisive urgency in getting the new standard barer when the old warrior has fallen down. Meanwhile with Donald Trump getting coronated next week, American Conservatives continue their recent tradition of not picking the winnable horse. 

It seems though that apart from protecting the Capitalist class - in any case the family duty for a British Conservative - Theresa May intends to draw heavily on her Anglican upbringing in tending poor folks of Great Britain. That is refreshing and nice. She will be essentially drawing on her pastoral upbringing as like her powerful neighbor Angela Merkel from Germany.

May be after all the world will be healed at least little bit when it is ruled by women - Hillary, Merkel, Theresa May, Janet Yellen and potentially woman chief to replace UN Secretary Ban. But then the ending like Dilma Rousseff is not far away for each of these woman leaders. In the end, gender identity in itself would not solve the complex problems of the world. In UK's case, the ending of her new woman leader Theresa May also depends on how she handles and treats another prominent woman leader - Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Early signs are that Theresa May will be the adult in the room. In itself, that is a good start given the mayhem caused by Tory Boys.


[1] - Given the mess of opposition Labor Party, there is a tactical advantage in getting your house in order first; making Tories better prepared for a general election which May decide to call when the Brexit terms are clear. 

[2] - In Krugman's words: "To put it bluntly, the modern Republican Party is in essence a machine designed to deliver high after-tax incomes to the 1 percent."

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