Sunday, August 07, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary #4

While Americans get engrossed in Rio Olympics drama, Donald Trump withers a brutal week of 2016 campaign. There are many interesting questions to answer. Olympic diversion is good for Donald, question is whether next two weeks are good enough for Donald to recover while Americans are glued to pathetic Olympic coverage by NBC, away from daily Trumpian media diet of provocations.

John Marshall at TPM is wondering what forced Donald Trump to finally capitulate to the Republican Party in endorsing Ryan and others. Of many possible triggers Marshall mentions, Trump's children forcing him to get back on track in supporting Party officials and refocusing his campaign on Hillary; that seems like a good possibility given the tendency of Donald to keep things in the family as speculated by Maureen Dowd at NYT. Not that Hillary is any different, after all Bill Clinton ensures that HillBilly is the family business; even though that is how the glass ceiling is broken in most cases as argued by Zack Beauchamp at Vox.

Apart from that I cannot rule out a possibility that Donald himself has come to senses. Remember, whatever you say, he successfully saw through his bankruptcies and dire financial times in 1990s. So the guy knows how to come out of a hole and hence he still has a fighting chance.

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Another interesting question is whether Hillary can undertake any proactive steps while she is on the top in polls. That is what Millman at The Week wonders. I find his analysis good, but in the end the simplest path of least resistance for Hillary is to consolidate Dem votes and depend on Obama / Bernie voter bank to deliver. After all Krugman at NYT strongly warns for any sell out of Hillary to Republicans. I say this despite I like Hillary's overreach to Republicans and for the goodness of the country I feel she should continue honest efforts in seeking cross over voting from GOP.

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