Friday, August 05, 2016

Beyond Corrupt Regime of Zuma

Fabulously corrupt South African President Zuma brings his party's vote share from 62% to 54%, with major losses in many urban areas. Clearly Black South African Middle Class in cities is reeling under sustained economic distress, all due to mismanagement by Zuma and are shifting away from ANC. These South African voters are not hitching to ANC only on racial basis and in a sense such maturation of South African Democracy is good.
Mmusi Maimane - Source Wikipedia
Athol Trollip - Source Wikipedia
Unfortunately ANC is not yet defeated politically. Based on support in rural areas, build over patronage for decades; political influence of opposition Democratic Alliances (DA) may not extend beyond urban areas. But with racially diverse leadership (Maimane, Trollip), DA seems to have a good political future unless it succumbs to same old corrupt ways of Zuma's ANC.

Many major Southern Hemisphere economies are hobbled by corruption. Rio may be celebrating the opening spectacle of Summer 2016 Olympics, but deeply entrenched corruption has brought Brazil to knees. Only few months back Argentina elected a clean politician, Marci, after a prolonged regime of corruption and stagnated governance by drama queen Kirchner. Brazil and South Africa need to see similar transfer of power. Hopefully changes brought in by local elections in South Africa will set in motion political dynamics which will bring new, corruption-free and competent leadership to South Africa.

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