Sunday, September 18, 2016

Beyond Partisan Politics of America

With Trump rising in polls, it is perfectly possible that despite a favorable playing field, Hillary losses 2016 election. You would have a Republican President who is going against the decades old pro-Trade Orthodoxy of GOP. With non-popular Republican President in White House and public's confidence in Washington at low; you will have popular, relatively young ex-President Obama still on American Political Scene. With Trump in White House, Congress will be swept by Republicans. All of disgruntled Democrats will be looking at the defeated leader Hillary. Obviously she will not be the  Democratic leader at that point.

Enter the new-bipartisan politics where on some specific issues politicians across the political spectrum will come together. Case in point - Obama taking help of John Kasich to pass Trade deals. He assembled an impressive array of folks - Kasich, Bloomberg, Paulson, IBM head and so on. One can imagine Obama is able to rally entire Silicon Valley, Hollywood and few new alternative energy players from Red States like Texas. Whether trade deal passes or not is besides the point. But Americans will start seeing the possibility of politics moving out of Washington and it's rut of partisan rancor. Let Trump do all the damage he wants in Washington, but if popular political trust is outside of Washington with others; you can see how pressure would build both on Congress and White House to respond to such popular activism. That may be one way out for Americans to get through the political logjam.

Republican Party is not ready to quit failed 'tax cuts for rich formula'. Trump has rejected GOP Orthodoxy in so many areas, but not in individual taxation. Hillary has not made this myopic vision of GOP as the center piece of her election campaign. She has calculated that she does not want to fight Republican elected officials and their voters; she wants their votes while focusing this election solely about Trump. Probably with sinking polls, she has reached the limit of this strategy as Donald's new campaign manager reduces his self-destructive behavior. But in absence of a debate about 'wrong Republican taxation policy'; Americans do not know what is wrong with the economic policy implemented from Washington. Hillary and Democrats are not making any special efforts to educate Americans about advantages of Centrist Taxation Policy. Consequent deficit due to huge Trump tax cuts will only result in precipitous reduction of welfare funding, death of Obama Care and more misery to vast numbers of Americans. If none of these consequences are getting debated in electoral politics, there is a high possibility of:
- issue based bi-partisan politics expanding further but
- colliding with rising Hard Left of Bernie Sanders style. 

In Hillary's defeat what we are looking at is: ex-President Obama leading bipartisan issue based politics outside of Washington while Bernie reviving Hard Left electoral politics inside Washington.

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