Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Commentary: what exactly is chickengunya

Swollen feet due to Chickengunya
In the past few weeks, anyone you talk to seems to have some acquaintance or the other who is suffering from chickengunya. While viral fevers that we are accustomed to can be bad enough when the strain going around has severe symptoms, chickengunya is an especially severe case. It has in the past few days created a political turmoil in Delhi where the AAP ministry and the Lieutenant Governor as well as the BJP are busy flinging accusations of apathy towards the affected public. The situation is close to panic as a large number of workers and employees are reporting absent. The AAP ministry has tried fogging in certain areas but it is not clear if this will be very effective. As a result the general public is left to fend for itself and the patients often do not even know how to read the symptoms even at a lay level.
Red denotes countries with current or previous local transmission of CHIKV, per CDC as of July 2015.

This article is very useful as it provides basic information on chickengunya in a capsule form. Clearly, all one can do by way of prevention is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes as like many other viral infections there is no specific treatment for this affliction. The patients get treated for symptoms and the severity of the disease varies from individual to individual.   

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