Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Trump Debate 1

It is clear that the first debate did not go well for Donald Trump. As most commentators said, he threw enough 'red meat' to keep his base happy; but unlikely to have added any new undecided or independent voters. He also left the taste of 'someone' who is not prepared for American Presidency.

On Trade, he did make compelling arguments to open the debate but those were not enough to 'knock out' Hillary. With figures and policy details, she held up her side and then there after in all segments of the debate she had clear upper hand. Arguing while being a 'pleasant and bit relaxed' personality, Hillary put forward a good case for herself.

Donald Trump was on defensive claiming he has a good temperament and winning judgement. Hillary replied very strongly giving examples of his bad temperament and unsuitability for the job. Another powerful example was when she reminded how NATO nations came to Afghanistan war after 9/11. It was completely presidential how she forcefully made the case for America's credibility while asserting 'words matter' and giving assurances to all allies that America will stand for her words. One gets a feeling, 'all that leadership' was flying above Donald's fancy hair.....

Now the task for Team Clinton will be to 'contain expectations' in remaining two debates and to continue her dominant performance.


Donald Trump continuously derided Hillary as a 'typical politician' through out the debate. He blames all bad things in this country on these politicians without acknowledging positives from these very politicians. But when it comes to business, he wants Americans to ignore 'small vendors he had stiffed' by looking at all those jobs created. In other words his argument is - 'there is some bad and lot good' with his business practices; but that same leeway he is not ready to give to politicians. Another strain of such an argument is when he claims to have taken advantages of legal loopholes in his bankruptcies while blaming the same politicians for passing 'loose laws and regulations'. Basically Hillary needs to take on Trump for the single brush stroke of "typical politician class talk" and argue that America may have problems but solution is not Donald Trump's so-called  apolitical circus show. She needs to argue that America needs a competent 'politician' to solve our problems. 

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