Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary #7

Looks like Florida is slipping away from Hillary. 

Republicans are coming home in droves and early voting numbers are spiking for Trump while Hillary is lagging in African American votes. Equally Millennials are NOT coming back for Hillary, at least not yet. Case in point California early vote is 'way down compared to Obama votes in 2012'. Remember California was strong Sanders performance place and as I talk with youngsters in this state, they are still not accepting Hillary. 

All in all things are grim for Hillary at this point. Trump voter suppression is working for African American voters while younger generation is simply reluctant to consider consequences of Trump Presidency. Hillary only has a week to change this. She has effective surrogates like Obamas, Sen. Warren, Sen. Sanders; but looks like those are either not effectively deployed or those surrogates are not making the difference.

President Obama said he would avoid what happened in 2014 when Democratic vote did not come in the Midterm election. But seems like he is not able to avoid the repetition of that lower turnover. Hillary getting 270+ electoral votes without Florida is very unconvincing victory for her setting the tone for the talk of illegitimacy. At this rate it is very hard to believe Democrats can even wrest Senate from Republicans and House was never in the play. Of the Democratic Voter Turnover Machine, only Latino's and Asian Americans are working for her while failure in other components seems to take this election from Democrats. 

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