Sunday, October 30, 2016

Commentary - What does Trump Presidency mean?

You have Ross Douthat making a compelling case how nightmarish the Trump Presidency will be. His point about 'sanctioning actions of countless racist Americans as well as rationalizing mistreatment of women' is very scary but right. If what Sen. Harry Reid and others are speculating is right - we are talking here collusion between Trump and Putin; throwing Germans and others under the bus. That will be one big invitation to legitimizing non-democractic rule of Putin. No wonder, the world over people will start looking Xi' China more favorably. Overall democratic systems globally will get undermined. One can imagine the club of Putin, Trump, Sisi, Erdogon occasionally joined by Xi. That will be an open invitation to global instability across the board.

Jonthan Chait lays bare open these 'authoritarian instincts of Republican Party'. For me the greatest wonder is how Evangelical Christians are tolerating all this degradation of democracy and decent political norms - all for the sec of a Supreme Court justice who will overthrow Roe vs Wade. 

American Voters need to understand the dire consequences of Trump Presidency. These articles do a good job. Only problem is when Trump and Republican Party have reduced American Politics to a reality TV show; sufficient number of American Voters might not read these articles as well as may not make the informed decision in this election. That is the real danger. 

Suddenly, the world has entered in a much risky period.

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