Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gnashing of Teeth for FBI Boss Comey

It is understandable that Hillary backers will be aghast on new FBI disclosure, especially given that election has been already tightening even before this news breakout. But gnashing of teeth and endless hyperventilation - to the extent of providing an appropriate diction for FBI letter! - is ridiculous. Hillary and her campaign chief said that FBI should release more information and her campaign should leave those matters there. [1]

The core political issue here is Hillary showed a bad judgement, she owned it and it is time for Americans either to accept her mea culpa or reject. What Hillary and her campaign rightfully need to do is, to point out how horrible the other choice is - Donald Trump.[2] When FBI refrained from any prosecution of Hillary for the private email server, it decided so on 2 accounts:
- no evidence that any national security information has been compromised [3];
- fundamentally there was no intent on Hillary's part to compromise any national security data. 

The 'intent and willful acts' is very important for any legal prosecution. Bad judgement and all that, it is a purely political issue. And that is where Donald Trump comes into the picture. Apart from couple of cases in courts, Donald Trump has not yet been convicted for breaking a law; or at least that is not known to larger American Public including me. However, when it comes to bad judgement, his life story is littered with those: both on professional count and on personal count. Hillary should have much easier argument here and that is the part of her argument that Donald is not suitable temperamentally for this job.

And finally, about policies: to start with Donald has not spelled out much clearer policies and the ones he talks[4]; those are patently wrong. Hillary ought to make that argument. But one gets a feeling that to the extent Obama argued successfully against Romney in 2012 policy debate, Hillary has not emphasized this part well. Her campaign has build successfully on sexually predatory way of life of Donald to portray his politics as 'assault on women' and that is all powerful. But one would have liked to see more of policy debate given that Hillary's set of prescriptions is much superior. Unlike 'attack on women' issue, Hillary campaign has not highlighted much the 'dictatorial dangers' of Trump Presidency. 

Still, Trump's shortcomings are too big and he is simply not prepared for the office. Despite Hillary's travails of email saga, Americans are safer with Hillary's choice as the 45th president . For around last 2 years, 2016 campaign has been running. More than $2 Billions have been spend for sure. The World and America have got all information that one needs to make the decision at this point. Even after all that, if we find more Americans prefer Trump over Hillary, then American Society must face that music; hair splitting on one FBI letter - that is just a too small matter to bother about.

[1] - Can any person in this world guarantee that if FBI indeed discloses more information, it will not be further damaging to Hillary Campaign? The truth is of the original 30K emails which Hillary turned to State Department upon deleting 10K personal emails; FBI rediscovered 15K emails. Of those, FBI accepted 9K as personal emails. But it meant 6K emails is what FBI found as 'un-reported emails'. Fundamentally, Hillary's mistakes are 2 in this email saga:

- First, the bad judgement of using a private email server. When big Corporations and huge Federal Departments with hundreds of millions of dollars of budget cannot guarantee any cyber-security, for Hillary to think she could do secure email communication with a private server is hubris. It is complete lack of knowing today's world, the same tone deafness Clintons showed in running the Clinton Foundation when all along they desired HRC to try the presidential run.

- Second problem is upon knowing the FBI inquiry, Hillary failed to turned in all emails to State Department. Deleting personal emails is understandable, though questionable; but how come FBI did find additional 6K emails which Hillary failed to return in the first place? That is the genesis of the problem in this case. Similarly, if indeed FBI finds additional new emails on Weiner computer which were not turned in the first by Huma; it can be even more devastating for Hillary campaign. 

[2] - Another Access Hollywood type revelation about Trump is very much a possibility, except that with every passing day it would look as a desperate attempt on behalf of Hillary Campaign. If such a revelation comes out via an independent source, that will be more credible. Or Hillary can simply 'bait' Donald and then he can chew that bone for the remaining days. Any of those possibilities are real and can happen to remove the Email item from the top of the news cycle. Alternatively another worldly happening - Mosul war against ISIS or a terror attack - all that is enough to overshadow 'email news cycle'.

[3] - It is truly surprising and infinitely lucky for Hillary that so far there is no leakage of any classified information given that how Wikileaks and Russian Hackers are making the havoc since then.

[4] - He has talked so far about building Wall, more tax cuts for rich, not allowing Muslims in the country, breaking NATO and allow proliferation of nukes around the world.

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