Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary - Trump Final Presidential Debate

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With the 3rd presidential debate in history books, the 'debate and public engagement' phase of 2016 campaign is over. What is left is 'turning on the base i.e. voter turnout'. Both Trump and Hillary went into this debate with a simple objective of 'turning on the base'. But for Trump to break the ceiling of 40% voter support, he needed to win remained undecided voters. Nothing in his 3rd debate performance would help him to win any additional votes while by not committing himself in accepting the election result he further pushed away new voters. In that sense, it is perfectly understandable why so many commentators are saying 'it is all over'.

Obviously Hillary cannot be over confident here and she has to say and behave such that "she keeps making efforts to listen Americans and persuade them for her presidency". But she and her campaign can now focus on the 'last mile execution'. Hillary is surrounded by people who will help her to keep focus on this 'execution'. [1] 

As usual, reams and reams will be written about this campaign. In general there is nothing to reject a common observation that this campaign has been nasty and in a large measure Donald Trump contributed to that. In the end, his candidacy is simply short of what is needed for the job of USA presidency. Hillary is not necessarily inspiring or without flaws; but she is simply "executing the campaign rightly and successfully". That is predictable. Hopefully those skills will help her in much harder part - governance.


[1] - Former Republican Governor candidate in California, CEO and Chairman Meg Whitman of HPE, was the prominent guest on Hillary's side. Whitman is an execution focused corporate chieftain, exactly the right type of talent Hillary would want to embrace.

Disclosure - I work for HPE.

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