Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump Campaign - Farce and Tragedy

At this point it is very difficult to resist the assessment of Donald Trump as nothing but:

- a sexual predator who behaves in utterly disgusting manner with women,
- a failed businessman who pays no taxes for decades; and
- a clueless candidate with zero knowledge of grave policy quandary faced by this country.

Question is what next? One choice will be for Republican Party to replace Trump by Pence or someone. There are clear signs that many in Republican Party are feeling the 'heat of Trump' and those folks are abandoning him in droves. Question is will it become a big enough political movement which will actually throw Trump under the bus (deservedly) and move on with the conservative cause. 

I doubt.

It is far more safer play for traditional Republican Politicians to let Trump head the losing ticket but separate out their own electoral prospects. After all millions of Republican base have voted for Donald Trump.

Truth is that 'Republican base' is misguided. Getting into the business of 'educating that base' is too much of a work for these Republican politicians. Democrats - they cannot reach to those voters at all; they have been already shunted out.

And that is the tragedy of American politics. Just when Donald Trump would have forced Hillary Clinton to answer 'fate of those Americans' who are left behind by Trade; his own sexual urges are going to doom that class of Americans. Talk about the irony - it is no different than how Bill Clinton's sexual urges duped Americans by foisting Bush on America.

Well, there is always a woman to clean up the mess made by Boys. Hillary will have to do that job in this case.

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