Tuesday, November 01, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary #8

Here are today's observations:

- Overall Hillary Campaign is not doing good in early voting. Whether it is state rule changes or long election cycle in November, bottom line is there are clear troubling signs for Hillary Campaign.

- Good news for Hillary Campaign is its African American Voter problem is sufficiently highlighted. HRC Campaign promise was it will build on top of Obama Voter Turnover Machine but the reality is 'that is not happening'. This seems like developing into a full blown 'execution failure' on part of HRC Campaign if things do not repair by Sunday.

- Trump is in a stronger position than what headline numbers show.[1] If indeed there are hidden Trump votes from polling, as some practitioner's of polling art are speculating, all bets are off - Trump will be the next president.

- Capital Markets still have not sufficiently priced Trump Presidency in my view. There is some shake up possible. Least because, President Elect Trump will have a harder time to assemble his 'cabinet' which is palatable to Wall Street than Hillary. 

- Overall, it is 'freak out time' for Democrats. Americans are basically looking at potentially all 3 branches of Federal Government controlled by Republicans. Tax Cuts for Rich, repeal of ObamaCare, breaking of Iran deal (as a result of which Saudi's igniting nuke reaction in response to unshackled Iran) and overall corrupt Russian ways getting accepted in America; all that is on cards.


[1] - Hillary's Democratic Blue Wall (CO, WI, MN, MI & PA) seem lot more shakier than many want to believe. She loosing any of these states is a real possibility and then a classic opening for Trump EV victory. 

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