Wednesday, November 02, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary #9

Here are day's observations:

- Lots of sensible Conservatives are having a hard time accepting Trump as the 45th President and making rational arguments for anyone to listen. Here is Ross Douthat, here is David Frum. Equally here is another attempt of a liberal to talk to a Trump voter as well as yet another attempt to remind folks what a liar he is.

- But Chris Cillizza wonders how in the world Americans think Hillary is a bigger liar than Trump? It is not Media fault, it is just that a large number of Americans are refusing to look at facts with an open eye.

- As FBI story gets internalized, is it helping Hillary Campaign to recover? Evidence seems like she might be stanching her slide in polls. She is still holding her Kerry States Blue Wall, albeit with reduced margin. Some wonder whether Hillary Campaign has taken a lot of risk in taking granted the Blue Wall and to fight Trump aggressively in states like Arizona. In my opinion - Hillary should for sure fight it on offense and spend good resources in remaining days to fortify her Blue Wall.

- Will see tomorrow how is Hillary's Blue Wall holding. If next couple of days show that she can resist Trump momentum in those states successfully, she may have a fighting chance against the resurgent Donald Trump.

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