Thursday, November 03, 2016

2016 American Election - Continued Commentary #10

Today's summary:

- Democrats are likely to freak out on the breach of Blue Wall in New Hampshire. But on the same day, Clinton is surprisingly strong in Florida and to some extent in North Carolina.

- Nate Silver responds saying that Clinton's gain in Sun Belt states could be waste (for example in CA or even TX but not to win that state) while she falling behind in Mid-West (WI, MI & then OH & IA) plus NH. That can lead to Clinton winning more votes than Obama or even popular votes but not enough EVs. All sorts of bizarre scenarios can develop by that, with Democrats blaming Clinton Camp for neglecting WI, MI & NH for generations.....A tiny state like NH can be turned on in remaining 4 days if Clinton Campaign wants. Also I feel like her campaign might not be going as aggressive as possible for spending money. Reality is even if HRC campaign racks debt in these last few days, it can be easily paid after the elections; very easily if HRC actually wins.

- Lot of sane voices questioning utility of 'public polling' in the waning days of the campaign. Some merit in that. In any case we are talking at the most 3 days of relevance for these public polls. Anything coming after Monday noon California time may not be of much significance.

- Charles Krauthammer knows the damage Trump Presidency can wreck on the global stability, but amazingly his Hillary Hate still prohibits him from voting for her. I guess a classic example of partisan thinking or something else?

- Apart from that, we are starting to count hours: around 125 hours before we know the 45th President of USA and barely 100 hours before the final day voting starts. Then it will be all over, that will be the solace for all of us.

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