Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro

Source - Wikipedia
Generally History does not get such a neat timing but in case of Castro it has happened. By Fidel going away from the world stage, an opening has been created for Donald Trump to continue the Obama policy of constructive engagement with Cuba.

It will be injustice to try to reduce such a consequential life to a simple blog post. One gets the sense of 'vast expanse of Castro's' life by reading this useful chronology of his life.

There are few obvious things which stand out from Castro's life:

- his life long struggle to throw hegemonic power, be it Cuba's dictatorship of Batista or America's hegemony over Western Hemisphere; and

- his commitment to the ideology which he pursued all through out his life.

That very commitment to the ideology no doubt brought hardship to Cubans over decades, made them to sacrifice their political freedom, torture and multitude of deaths in many cases, made them not to have property rights in any form and in general kept them impoverished despite general well being of average Cuban being improved during Castro regime.

It is true that, that very commitment to the ideology helped Castro's Cuba to have an outsize influence on the global stage. Involvement of Castro's Cuba was critical in the independence of Namibia and ending of Apartheid in South Africa - Castro punched way above his belt.

Could he have altered his ideology to bring freedom and prosperity to Cubans? Yes he could have and that has been a historically missed opportunity. But despite that Castro's life has been immensely influential to many in different parts of the world. For all his faults and shortcomings, in the end his life will continue to impart the core lesson of 'how humans in the end will not tolerate hegemony of anykind'

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