Thursday, December 08, 2016

Commentary: Green Energy in Trump's America

Classic example in American Cultural War Politics is LGBT movement. Republicans came out in 'droves' to support it. Even Donald Trump would not talk much to push it back. Across the board American Society supports LGBT rights and we have much more bi-partisan acceptance now. This will be especially true after GOP Politicians absorb what happened to the North Carolina GOP Govornor even in the Trump wave.

Similarly, economics of scale is now in favor of Green Energy. Sheer force of China, India and others moving in that direction will work as automatic brakes to Carbon intensive energy sources. My expectation is it would not matter whether Trump pulls out USA from Paris Accord or not, the World would have already turned the page and adopted Green Energy in droves. Donald's America will be simply an afterthought. Even more, there are large number of Republicans and "business interests" to keep moving USA in the direction of wider adoption of Green Energy. 

In a sense Russian President Putin is riding a sinking ship of "oil exports" since there is already the talk of "Peak Oil Consumption within less than a decade" by Oil Companies themselves.

This is called as the "structural forces of history at works". Nothing is guranteed, but the 'wind of history' is with Green Energy and America's Politics is not out-aligned here despite Trump victory.

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