Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stupidity of an Oil Salesman as Top Diplomat

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I think Exxon CEO as Sec. of State of USA will be one of the dumbest and most useless move by Donald Trump. His Sec. of Defense choice is solid. His Treasury choice is fine too; in the end American Economy does not avoid recession if Wall Street Bankers are not in a good shape. Face it - when Wall Street Bankers do bad, overall Economy goes to toilets. We have learnt that lesson hard from 2008-2009. Question is will his Treasury Sec. allow excess of Bankers? Possible, but my hope is Wall Street Bankers themselves have learnt these lessons. If not, sure shot Sanders-Warren ticket will sweep this land in 2020.

But that is not the case with this Tillerson guy. Donald thinks America's Foreign Policy is all about Exxon getting drilling rights in distant places. He seems like wanting to turn USA into another PetroState like Saudi Arabia or Russia. That is horrible not only for Environment, but it is horrible for American Economy too. American Economy is solidly diversified with Energy, Banking, Technology, Agriculture well represented in that mix. You do not want Sec. of State as the 'old car salesman' for a single industry. That is not going to work. Will a Silicon Valley veteran would have worked? May be given that global technology industry is still growing. But fundamentally, Sec. of State position is not about "selling wares of your country" in some Export Exhibition. It is much more than that - it is about the "core business of presidency": war and peace. 

You put in place a solid character as the head of Pentagon and Donald gets his War part addressed. But what about Peace? Are we supposed to expect Kissinger (even though I and most Liberals may not agree with many of his positions) style diplomacy from an "oil guy"? Sale me something else brother.... 

What all it means is Donald is fundamentally rejiggering how an American Administration works. He wants to do away from century old "political norms" and essentially reduce Sec. of State position to a sales job. This will have number of consequences: 
- Trump Administration will be fundamentally "short changed" as far as Diplomacy goes. 
- Mad Dog Mattis will have to balance the "peace part" of "war and peace" too. That is just too much on a single person's plate. And if he succeeds in that, we Americans should think about - why do we need Donald then? Put Mad Dog as our Commander-in-Chief! 
- Donald's children, family members and other cronies will be "go-to-persons" for various diplomatic missions all over the world. 

You do not need an over educated person to tell that, this all is unlikely to end well. It is possible Tillerson with his deal making all over the world and his corporate competence will work out in the end. You do not keep climbing the corporate ladder of Exxon for 40+ years without lot of competences, discipline and work ethics. But the implicit risks in all of this are way out of bounds at this point. America and the world will have to bare all this non-sense from Donald. There is nothing that can be stopped unless the "bills are due". Till then, we have to sit tight.

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