Thursday, January 26, 2017

Film Review: Two plus two – not so simple!

by Uday Oak

Just like one routinely says “it’s not rocket science”, implying rocket science is something very complex, very special, way beyond reach of average individuals. Similarly, “it’s as simple as two plus two makes four” is a commonly used refrain.

A short film, just about eight minutes, makes one think. And think. And think. This film, made in Persian language, way back in 2011.

Students sitting in a classroom. Teacher arrives. There is an announcement on the PA system. And there is an upheaval. Revealing anything more would be sadism.

The points that hits you right between the eyes is, the film doesn’t point to anything or anyone in particular, and yet it points to the whole world within and beyond our perceptions and thoughts. There is some symbolism, but it is more in the ‘hint’ category and not in the ‘cacophonously preachy’ category. In fact, the director has avoided using any visuals, colors or sounds that would peg it down to a particular culture, country or a society.

And that is the biggest success of the film. In a short span of eight minutes, it breaks the shackles of routine boundaries and sets your mind free. You are free to think and interpret this film in any way you like. In that sense, it is like a Zen story or haiku. So short, and yet so deep and long!

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