Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Commentary: Tamilnadu’s legacy problems

Tamilnadu has been among those states in India where political parties have revolved around a single presiding figure. Unlike other states where this applies equally with some variation, in the case of AIADMK, there is no family member claiming seriously to continue with the legacy of Jailalitha. This may be good for democracy in the long run but is clearly creating a muddle in the AIADMK which recently saw a coup of sorts against the incumbent CM, O. Panneerselvam which ended up in his resignation. He now claims it was forced on him by V.K. Sasikala, the general secretary of the party. This has led to resentment against Sasikala, the current pretender. There are even allegations doing the rounds that Sasikala may have ‘caused’ the death of Jailalitha, although the murky details seem nullified by the medical report available thus far.

The present report gives you a sense of where Tamilnadu politics stands at this moment and the various possibilities and unlikely scenarios that are being flung around in the press and the social media. Clearly, even as the shenanigans at the top continue, the common Tamilian is disturbed by the worrying developments in the wake of Jailalitha’s death. The sentiment was carried eloquently by a young rapper Sofia Ashraf and the video has gone viral on several platforms. 

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