Saturday, February 25, 2017

Do we belong? YES WE DO!

“I have a question in my mind: Do we belong?” Sunayana Dumala asks

The answer is YES, you and we all Indian Americans who have come here legally belong to this country. 

Some in politics might want to push us aside, but remember we are from the country of a man who for 19 years struggled to give voices for 'poor workers and foreigners' in another foreign land. A century back MK Gandhi did that in South Africa. Son of this land - MLK - exactly followed Gandhi's footsteps to secure voting rights for children of slaves in this country. So rest be assured Sunayana, if the mighty 'British Empire where Sun never set' gets shaken by a scantily clad man with just a stick and charkha, if centuries-old prejudices get answered by another man with no guns; we will take this Republic through Trump Years too - with our dignity and rights preserved. 

We owe it to Srinivas and others that we Resist any racism and hate crime. Some worried about exactly such 'hate crimes' in Trump Era. But yes, Steve Bannon, we have seen many rascals like you and have survived those too.

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